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100 Years After the Exhibition
Masterpieces of Muhammedan Art
in Munich

Interactions with the «Other» and the unknown have been a continuous source of transformation and constitute occasions for cultural self-reflection, providing impetus towards rethinking former perspectives and prejudices, and uncovering new ways of thinking – Changing Views.

The exhibition Masterpieces of Muhammedan Art, which took place in Munich in 1910, marked a turning point in the historical conception of the Islamic world. This monumental exhibition displayed almost 3,600 artefacts from various Muslim regions. It was intended to distinguish itself from the prevailing oriental and exotic fantasies of the time and thus set a new benchmark for the reception of Islamic arts in Europe.

In recognition of the 100th anniversary of this legendary exhibition, the Department of Arts and Culture and various affiliated museums, galleries, and educational facilities have organised a comprehensive series of exhibitions and related events. This interdisciplinary programme, entitled Changing Views, explores Islamic artistic and cultural traditions from multiple perspectives. The events will be conducted in German unless indicated otherwise.

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